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Why we recommend B883 Sealer

Barefoot Concrete supplies high-quality, eco-friendly cementitious polymer products to the concrete coating industry that are safe without compromising on quality, performance and durability. The spotlight in today’s post is B883 Sealer which can be used as a general-purpose concrete sealer, a same-day sealer on freshly poured concrete, a concrete curing aid to minimise shrinkage cracks in the concrete curing process, and an excellent sealer for burnished concrete.

Anyone who has applied a concrete sealer knows that you need the surface to be as dry as possible, with less than 5% moisture in the concrete, so that the sealer will be drawn into the surface and thereby bind to the surface strongly and consistently. This is where we are different! B883 Sealer is a wet-on-wet application sealer, it works better when the concrete is wet!

In the case of most solvent-based sealers, any moisture remaining in the substrate may cause the sealer to whiten or have hazy patches. For freshly poured surfaces this often means waiting up to a month before a decent sealer can be applied. For surfaces that need to be pressure cleaned before sealing you will normally need to wait at least a day for the surface to dry out sufficiently.

This waiting can turn even a relatively small day job into a two-day job. For contractors, this means a return trip a day or two later to apply a sealer. Worse still, all the time you are waiting for the surface to dry is time that the clean surface is at risk of getting dirty again.

With our B883 Sealer, damp substrates are a non-issue. The moisture is required to help the sealer to migrate into the substrate to give that deep penetrating and long-lasting protection.

As such, our sealer can be applied to new concrete as soon as the surface is hard enough to walk on. This strengthens and protects the concrete against stains from day one and helps the concrete cure by minimizing the moisture escaping from the slab so that the concrete does not dry too quickly..

We get this question a lot, “What makes your sealer so special?”

Besides the fact that this is a premium, concentrated, water-based sealer, the single most important feature of this product is that it is designed to be applied to wet surfaces!

B883 Sealer

B883 Sealer is a water-based acrylic sealer. It was designed for use in our harsh Australian conditions. It is an eco-friendly, low VOC, UV-resistant, breathable and penetrating concrete sealer. It is suitable for use on most porous external concrete surfaces.

B883 Sealer will not darken the look of the surface but will add some shine, particularly to smooth surfaces. When used on exposed aggregate it will make the stones shine without significantly altering the mortar. This will enhance the contrast between the two and make the aggregate sparkle. W881 Sealer can be used as a first coat to provide some subtle colour enhancement if desired.

An acrylic sealer can be either water-based or solvent-based. Most types of acrylic sealers are film-forming. They produce a thick film with quite a weak surface adhesion. Solvent-based sealers are usually harder wearing but are more brittle and are not breathable. Any expansion and contraction can cause crazing. Any water trapped below the sealer can cause the seal to delaminate and peel off. Most water-based sealers are breathable but are soft and flexible and as such aren’t very abrasion-resistant.

B883 Sealer advantages:

  • It contains a unique, specially designed, acrylic copolymer. Once cured B883 Sealer will not re-emulsify in water or most other solvents and common chemicals. This guarantees increased strength, durability and chemical resistance.
  • It is a true nano sealer that penetrates deep into porous surfaces, using water as a conduit, for the ultimate in adhesion.
  • As the B883 Sealer dries, the polymer chains cross-link together to form a matrix seal. This matrix locks together everything in the top layers of the surface. This provides outstanding strength, stain resistance and durability. The top of this matrix forms a tough film on the surface that acts as a wear layer.
  • It is breathable. Moisture can pass through the sealer as vapour. This enables any water that gets into the substrate to escape without damaging the sealer or the material being sealed. Water can get into the substrate through control joints, sealer failures and rising damp. Sealers that can’t breathe will delaminate from the surface as the water vapour tries to escape. Therefore, a breathable sealer is a must in all outdoor applications.
  • It can be applied in almost all weather conditions. Solvent acrylic sealer requires the substrate to contain less than 5% moisture and for the surface temperature to be between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. B883 Sealer loves water and is not negatively affected by hot or cold temperatures so you can seal all year round. The only time you can’t seal is while it is raining, simply because the rain will wash away the uncured sealer.

Therefore, B883 Sealer creates a breathable matrix seal within the surface layer of the concrete. This matrix regulates moisture content by slowly allowing water to be absorbed and/or released. This ensures the substrate does not remain waterlogged but that there is sufficient moisture for proper hydration of the concrete.

When B883 Sealer is applied to freshly poured or green concrete, it will prevent premature drying and ensure that sufficient moisture is retained for proper curing reactions to take place. The result is increasing the strength of the concrete and reducing the risk of cracking and dry shrinkage. As a bonus, it also provides an excellent solution for reducing concrete dusting problems.

Key Features

  • Versatile sealer for all types of new and existing concrete and paved surfaces
  • Developed with MRT Science (Moisture Retention Technology) aiding in the curing of new installation cement-based materials
  • Protection for new concrete from DAY ONE
  • Applied to a wet surface immediately after cleaning
  • Good stain resistance against oil, dirt and other substances
  • Minimises surface cracking
  • Saves applicators and clients time and money
  • Can be buffed to a high-gloss finish
  • Increases surface quality and durability
  • Eco-Friendly Non-Hazardous Material
  • Easy water clean up
  • UV Resistant / Industrial Grade Pure Acrylic Sealer
  • Will not delaminate, flake or turn yellow
  • Commercial/Industrial Grade


B883 Sealer can be used with confidence to seal and provide stain resistance for new and old concrete, exposed aggregate, liquid limestone, clay and concrete pavers, and all types of natural stone. It is:

  • an effective curing agent for new concrete
  • an effective solution for repairing dusting concrete
  • a penetrating sealer
  • provides superior stain-resistance
  • a great option for pressure cleaning and sealing jobs as it enables you to get the job cleaned and sealed on the same day
  • an excellent sealing option for driveways, alfrescos, around pools, shopping centres, commercial sites, common walkways etc

What are the benefits to applicators or contractors?

  • Safe and easy to apply. Non-toxic, Low VOC and BPA free
  • Clean and seal the SAME DAY – applied to wet surfaces
  • Apply sealer throughout the winter months without fear
  • One flood coat is sufficient in most cases. A second coat can normally be applied within 30 minutes
  • Seal newly laid concrete as soon as it is firm enough to walk on
  • Exposed aggregate concrete can be sealed immediately after exposing the aggregate – No need for acid washing
  • Doubles as a curing agent for new concrete
  • Concentrated formula – a 20kg pail is enough product to seal up to 450m2

What are the benefits to homeowners?

  • You can do it yourself – it’s that easy to apply!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains low VOC = healthy choice for your family and pets
  • High quality, extreme durability and long-lasting protection
  • Excellent stain resistance and water repellency
  • Does not significantly alter the appearance of concrete, limestone or pavers
  • Will not make surfaces more slippery when wet
  • Minimal disruption – get the job done in a day

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