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How to permanently seal and protect your new concrete or natural stone features

Super Penetrating Consolidator Plus Permanent Water Repellent: Protect Your Concrete, Pool Coping, or Natural Stone

If you have installed new concrete pool surrounds or any concrete that you want to seal and are looking for the right sealer that will last many years, we have a solution for you.

Fortifier Plus™ is a super penetrating consolidator and permanent water repellent that provides superior protection for soft, friable stones, masonry, and concrete against salt and freeze-thaw spalling. It is ideal for protecting very porous building materials used for building envelopes and horizontal surfaces, from sandstone to precast concrete.

Fortifier Plus™ is also suitable for most applications, including stone cladding, precast slabs, blockwork, brickwork, grout, saltwater pool surrounds, pool copings, paving, and patios. It can be used on new and restored masonry surfaces and is recommended for use on very porous building materials that are exposed to saltwater or freeze-thaw conditions.

Benefits of Fortifier Plus™

  • Retains natural surface colour and finish
  • Keeps surfaces looking new for longer and makes cleaning easier
  • Fully breathable, allowing water vapour to escape freely and avoiding harmful moisture buildup inside the material
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor surfaces on residential and commercial projects
  • Negligible change to slip resistance when applied according to instructions
  • High resistance to alkaline (high pH) environments
  • Non-film forming so it cannot flake or peel and is resistant to UV

How to Apply Fortifier Plus™

  1. Always test the product on a small area first and allow a 24-hour cure time to determine the ease of application and desired results.
  2. Wear suitable solvent-resistant gloves, protective clothing, safety goggles, and an organic vapour respirator during application.
  3. Ensure surfaces to be treated are dry, clean, and free of residues.
  4. Apply the product using a low-pressure sprayer with a fan spray nozzle on very porous materials, or with a natural bristle brush or Lamb’s wool applicator on dense surfaces.
  5. Apply 2 generous coats to horizontal surfaces, at least 10 minutes apart.
  6. On vertical surfaces, apply 4 lighter coats rather than 2 heavy coats, working from the bottom of the surface upwards.
  7. Allow the material to cure for at least 2 weeks before it comes into contact with saltwater or solvents.

Important Tips

  • Do not dilute or thin the product.
  • Mask or otherwise protect surrounding surfaces from overspray.
  • Remove all product residue from the surface with clean, white cotton or microfiber cloths before it dries.
  • Only tackle one small area at a time so that you can apply additional coats before the surface residue from the previous coat dries.
  • Apply the right amount of product consistently on a large area.
  • It can take up to 4 weeks for Fortifier Plus™ to build a structure that is fully cured deep inside the pores of the stone, so it is recommended to let treated surfaces cure for at least 3 weeks before testing.


Fortifier Plus™ is a powerful and versatile product that can provide superior protection for your stone cladding and other masonry surfaces. By following the instructions above, you can ensure that your surfaces are properly treated and will last for many years to come.

Contact Barefoot concrete today to discuss your project and if Fortifier Plus is the right product for you or if one of our others sealers is better suited for your project.