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The Power of Styrene Acrylic Primers

If you are a concrete coating specialist and use a system and process to apply a decorative concrete coating to a concrete surface, you should consider a styrene-acrylic primer as opposed to just using a standard acrylic primer.

If you want to achieve a truly stunning and long-lasting finish, proper preparation and using the best products is paramount. This is where a styrene acrylic primer comes in, acting as the best option to bond the concrete to the coating, it soaks and grips the concrete and provides the best result to pave the way for resurfacing success.

Why Choose Styrene Acrylic Primer?

Traditional primers often fall short when it comes to decorative concrete. They may not adequately bond to the substrate, leading to a weaker bond that may peel or delaminate more easily over time.

A styrene acrylic primer makes them ideally suited for decorative concrete coating applications:

  • Superior Bonding: The acrylic component forms a strong mechanical bond with the concrete, ensuring the resurfacing material adheres firmly.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The styrene component adds flexibility, accommodating slight movements in the concrete without compromising the integrity of the primer or the resurfacing layer.
  • Moisture Resistance: Styrene acrylic polymers are naturally resistant to moisture, protecting the underlying concrete from rising dampness and ensuring the greater longevity of the resurfacing system.
  • Improved Adhesion: The primer creates a uniform, excellent adhesion for the resurfacing topcoat.
  • Reduced Porosity: By soaking into the concrete and filling in the pores in the concrete, the primer creates the platform for the resurfacing material, resists moisture, and optimizes its role as the adhesion between the concrete and the coating.
  • Concentrated Formula: The styrene acrylic primer that Barefoot Concrete provides, the Y863 Primer, is concentrated, one 20 Kg pail can make up another 3-4 pails, making it a very cost-effective option as its coverage of 400-500m2 will save you approximately 75% of the product primer costs on every job.

Benefits Beyond the Basics:

  • Vibrant Colours: Styrene acrylic primers, just like a paint primer, form the base of the resurfacing system on which the coloured concrete resurfacing products bond.
  • Easier Application: Compared to solvent-based primers, water-based styrene acrylic primers are typically easier to apply, clean up, and store.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Many styrene acrylic primers are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making them a more eco-friendly choice.

By using a high-quality styrene acrylic primer, you’re using the best technical process for your decorative concrete system that will have a stronger bond, is more water-resistant, and is designed to last. From achieving long-lasting durability, this primer enables you to systemise your business process and deploy a standard operating procedure that is better than a standard acrylic primer.

So, if you’re considering changing to a styrene acrylic primer, please contact Barefoot Concrete or go right ahead and buy the Y863 Primer from our online shop. We deliver Australia-wide.