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Why use pre-taped masking film when applying decorative concrete coatings?

Decorative concrete coatings are a popular way to add beauty and functionality to concrete surfaces. However, it is important to use the correct materials and techniques when applying these coatings to ensure a flawless finish. One of the most important materials to use when doing the surface preparation prior to the application of the coating is using a pre-taped masking film.

What is a pre-taped Masking Film?

Pre-taped masking film is a thin, plastic sheet with pre-applied cloth masking tape on one side. It is used to protect outdoor areas that you do not want to be affected by overspray from the decorative concrete coating. This could include things like walls, garage doors, fences, windows, glass pool fencing, pool copings, and other objects.

Why Should You Use Pre-taped Masking Film?

There are several reasons why you should use pre-taped masking film when applying decorative concrete coatings:

  • It provides a clean, professional finish. Pre-taped masking film protects vertical surfaces in proximity to the job which enables the applicator to create a perfectly smooth edge between the coated and uncoated areas. This gives the finished coating a clean, professional look.
  • It saves time and effort. Pre-taped masking film is much faster and easier to apply than traditional masking tape as the plastic film that protects the surfaces is attached to the masking tape. This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially when working on large areas.
  • It prevents overspray.¬†Overspray is when the decorative concrete coating accidentally gets onto areas that you do not want it to. This can be a major problem, as it can be difficult to remove the overspray without damaging the surface. Pre-taped masking film prevents overspray by creating a barrier between the coated and uncoated areas.
  • It protects surfaces. Pre-taped masking film can also protect adjacent surfaces from the decorative concrete coating. This is important if you are applying the coating near other surfaces.

How to Use Pre-taped Masking Film

Using pre-taped masking film is relatively easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Clean and dry the surface to which you will be applying the decorative concrete coating.
  2. Apply the pre-taped masking film to the base of the areas that you do not want to be coated and pull up the plastic film and tag it to the wall. The plastic film has static cling and should naturally attach to the vertical surfaces you are protecting. Make sure that the film covers the whole area without gaps and that the film is placed smooth and free of wrinkles to the surface as if wind gets under it it can rip the plastic.
  3. You may want to use standard paper crepe tape at the ground level for additional protection and adhesion and then secure the film in place with masking tape.
  4. As you apply the decorative concrete coating according to the manufacturer’s instructions make sure you are keeping an eye on the pre-taped masking film to ensure its adequately protecting the surface so that you don’t accidentally blow it off the wall and get overspray onto the walls..
  5. Once the coating has dried, carefully remove the pre-taped masking film and discard it.


Pre-taped masking film is an essential consumable for anyone who is applying a concrete coating, cleaning and sealing concrete, or applying a decorative concrete coating.

Working with pre-taped masking film also looks professional and keeps surfaces clean and ensures a professional finish. It also saves time and effort, and prevents overspray, and your client will appreciate that you use good products and processes to protect their surfaces. If you are planning to protect any surface, be sure to use pre-taped masking film.

Here are some additional tips for using pre-taped masking film:

  • Use a sharp blade to cut the film to size.
  • Apply the film to the surface smoothly and evenly.
  • Make sure that the film is secure in place.
  • Remove the film carefully after the coating has dried.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your decorative concrete coatings will have a professional finish.

What makes our pre-taped masking film different?

We are different because we use a high-quality, professional painter’s grade, multi-purpose 14-day pre-taped cloth masking film. The product is suitable for masking up outdoor areas in diverse weather conditions and is fit for purpose across many different industries.

Its adhesion is better than the standard Ezy Masking tape or similar pre-taped masking film that uses normal paper masking tape. In our business, the quality of the masking tape on the pre-taped masking film is the key differentiator – and the pre-taped masking film from Barefoot Concrete is the best!

Product Features

These are the features that make us different.

  • Multi-purpose, heavy-duty tape 14-day cloth tape for masking up and protecting outdoor areas
  • Suitable for masking outdoor walls and roofs when painting
  • Can also mask floors, walls, and windows when painting or resurfacing¬†
  • Good performance on rough or irregular surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion properties at low and high temperature
  • Electrostatic PE film holds misted paint, splatter and residue
  • Superior tearing, linearity and unwinding of a multi-folded drop sheet
  • Solvent and paint resistance to minimize bleed-through
  • Can stick to damp outdoor surfaces
  • Clean and residue-free removal
  • Retail wrapped in a heat-shrink film

Available Australia-wide.