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New stock of waterbased sealers and cementitious polymers arrive!

Today is a good day! We are once again fully stocked with our premium range of cementitious polymers after product shortages over the last 18 months. For those of you who don’t yet know about our products, we have four base formulations that are specifically designed for concrete.

Y863 is used to prime surfaces, W881 can be used as a sealer, grouting polymer, or acrylic modifier, B883 can be used as a sealer, concrete curing compound, burnished concrete sealer, and same-day concrete sealer, and finally, our G887 can be used as a hydrophobic and stain resistant sealer on dense concrete or natural stone.

What makes us unique? We sell our products as concentrates! One pail will make four pails, your product goes 4x further! It’s also wet on wet application, if the surface you are applying the product is damp or wet, it works better! No more waiting for surfaces to dry, you can apply it to wet surfaces!

These four cementitious polymers are the cornerstones of our range of eco-friendly products which are safer for the environment than solvent-based toxic products.

As a reference point, here is a list of the various products we supply and what they are used for:

Y863 Primer
  • Super strong binding sealer for newly rendered walls
  • An excellent primer for concrete coatings and exterior paints
  • Waterproofs outdoor furniture, water features and structures
  • Cementitious admix for concrete, mortar, screeds and plasters
  • Ideal primer for plaster and screeds
  • DIY – Safe and easy to apply
W881 Acrylic Modifier
  • Pure acrylic polymer for concrete resurfacing systems
  • Gives the strength, adhesion, durability and weatherability
  • Adds surface flexibility to cement-based coatings
  • Eco-friendly, high purity, UV resistant
  • Used as a primer and colour-stabilizing agent
  • DIY – Easy and safe to apply
W881 Sealer
  • Will not change the natural appearance
  • For sealing limestone, sandstone and porous concrete
  • Colour stabilizing, non-yellowing, breathable
  • Excellent water, UV and stain resistance
  • Limits algae, mould and moss growth
  • DIY – Easy and safe to apply, clean and maintain
W881 Grout Polymer
  • Grouting binder for polished concrete floors
  • Fills and patches small voids, micro pits, pinholes, air pockets, divots, chips and cracks in honed and polished concrete
  • Increases shine and clarity for polished concrete
  • High-purity, UV-resistant acrylic polymer
  • DIY – Easy and safe to apply
B883 Sealer
  • Will not change the natural appearance
  • Clean and seal the same day. Apply to wet surfaces!
  • Protects all types of concrete, exposed aggregate and pavers
  • Apply to new concrete on DAY ONE to strengthen and protect
  • True nano sealer with good oil, dirt and stain resistance
  • Excellent water repellency, UV resistant, non-yellowing
  • DIY – Easy and safe to apply, clean and maintain
G887 Sealer
  • A similar product to B883 with additional hydrophobic and stain resistant additives
  • Will not change the natural appearance
  • Ideal for concrete, granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces, concrete furniture, polished stone, polished concrete, Travertine and Terrazzo
  • Excellent water, UV and stain resistance, non-yellowing
  • DIY – Easy and safe to apply, clean and maintain

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