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New garage floor system – FloorShield

We transform garage floors! FloorShield from ShieldCoat is an excellent product that you can use for different concrete coating projects.

Barefoot Concrete is always looking for and testing environmentally friendly products to incorporate into our suite of concrete coating services.

We are specifically working with suppliers to discover innovative ways to apply domestic and commercial solutions with low-impact toxicity to people and the environment. One of these products as FloorShield, it meets our criteria and produces outstanding results.

FloorShield is an excellent product for garage floors. It is a water-based acrylic/urethane blend that outperforms traditional solvent-based sealers in almost every way.

One of the biggest challenges in applying epoxy coatings on garage floors is the effect the toxic solvents have on the occupants of the house, be they people or pets. We have had incidents of people feeling unwell as the strong odour infiltrates the house causing nausea and headaches and a general feeling of being unwell. This is especially serious for people with allergies, asthma, breathing issues, health conditions, or weakened immunity.

Therefore, with ShieldCoat, as it is water-based, has an extremely low odour making it perfect for people sensitive to toxic products or who are conscientious about the environment.

We have developed a system proprietary to Barefoot Concrete where we combined a specific surface preparation process with a water-based styrene-acrylic primer, and then apply the FloorShield with a clear coat to give it a premium finish.

In its most basic format, FloorShield is self-priming on most substrates and is perfect for a DIY application, however, we advise getting a professional that understands the concrete and all associated conditions to produce the most durable outcome.

FloorShield is available in many colours and has an attractive low-sheen finish. It is also worth mentioning that it is the perfect product for re-coating previously sealed concrete driveways, garages, or patios. Although it can stick to old solvent-based coatings we still recommend mechanical surface preparation through concrete grinding for the best results that give the product the greatest mechanical bond with the surface.

The product also works with slip-resistant products that can be added to the coating for a P4 wet slip rating.

Note: Floorshield is not recommended for use on steep driveways or paths. Even when slip-resistant products are used, a concrete coating or sealer may get quite slippery when wet, especially if the underlying concrete has not been broom-finished or properly textured for grip. Therefore, we advise checking ALL associated conditions before assuming just applying slip resistance and thinking that it is now “anti-slip.” Be sure to also read all the product documentation, safety data sheets, warranties and disclaimers etc.

What kinds of projects can you use FloorShield for?

Sealing driveways, footpaths and garages
Sealing interior concrete surfaces and concrete floors
Sealing timber furniture

Why should you choose FloorShield?

Low odour – don’t have to worry about the smell overwhelming your garage or work area
Excellent durability
Fade and scratch resistant
UV resistant
Capable of withstanding car, forklift, and foot traffic in industrial settings
Environmentally friendly – no solvents to worry about
Quick drying time
Easy to apply
Washes up in water

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