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Forti-Grout 20L

Forti-Grout 20L


Premium ready-to-use polymer grouting and patching agent for concrete polishing.

• Optimal adhesion
• High solids, high purity, UV resistant, non-yellowing polymer
• Optimised for superior adhesion, filling, bonding and strength
• Eco-friendly and zero volatile organic compounds (VOC)

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Forti-Grout is a water-based, eco-friendly, high-purity, UV-resistant acrylic polymer. It has good bridging capabilities, excellent adhesion and impressive binding abilities.

These properties give Forti-Grout exceptional performance as a grouting binder for polished concrete floors. As a grouting binder, Forti-Grout binds fine grinding dust from the grinding and polishing processes to fill in pinholes, voids, minor imperfections and cracks. Since the dust comes from the floor, colour matching is close to perfect and often produces a completely seamless repair.

Forti-Grout is highly effective in filling and patching small voids, micro pits and pinholes to assist in achieving a higher level of lustre and clarity on polished concrete.

Recommended Uses: For filling micro pits, pinholes, air pockets, divots, chips and cracks in honed and polished concrete.

Features and Benefits: Excellent adhesion properties, Ready to use, Environmentally friendly, Low VOC, Low viscosity, Water-based.

Complimentary Products: C-Complex additive for both wet and low water grinding. This increases grinding speed and cutting rate, extends tool life, and reduces diamond tool fouling. Forti-Kal Potassium densifier and Forti-Col Colloidal Silica for densifying concrete. Stain Protector, oil and water repellent, silane-based, impregnating sealer.

Forti-Grout is made for Australian conditions.

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