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How much does concrete stencilling cost?

The quick answer to this question is: “It depends.” The word “depends” can be as long as a proverbial piece of string as there are a number of key factors that influence the price.

A quick lesson in price economics will help. The formula for a price is this: Price = Scope + Resources + Time. Therefore, if the scope is very basic, the price will be less. For example, if the concrete is new, not cracked, has saw cuts, and looks perfect in every way, you will get the lowest price point possible.

However, if the concrete is cracked, doesn’t have saw cuts, has an existing sealer or coating that needs to be ground off, then the scope of work is different, more resources are required, and it takes longer to do the job, therefore, the price is higher.

A decorative concrete coating is a good option for homeowners that want the best look without the high-end price tag. While it can get expensive, this is mainly due to the scope of work, the resources needed, and the time to do the job. Generally speaking, concrete resurfacing is more cost-effective than ripping and replacing the concrete.

Concrete is a versatile material that can be used for floors, garages, paths, patios, pool surrounds, driveways and more. Techniques such as stamping, staining and polishing, can transform concrete to look like more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost.

When compared with the cost of other materials, a decorative concrete overlay is a mid-range option. In terms of outdoor solutions, there are various options like gravel that are more affordable, while natural stone and pavers are more expensive.

In terms of indoor solutions, laminates and ceramic tiles will cost less, while granite, marble and hardwood will cost more. Decorative concrete is great if you can afford to spend some extra money but don’t want to break the bank.

When determining the cost of a decorative concrete project, the scope, materials and labour are the main factors. The typical materials used are concrete resurfacing compounds, polymers, densifiers, sealers etc.

Labour costs will vary depending on your project – its size, whether you have new or existing concrete, how detailed the decorative work will be and more. Get in touch with a Barefoot Concrete estimator today to make sure you are getting a fair deal.

The basic factors that influence the cost of a decorative concrete project are:

  • The number of colours and fleck used
  • The number of stamping textures used
  • The detail of the design (i.e. complicated patterns are expensive)
  • Special details such as adding a decal, borders or tile patterns
  • Speciality form or mould work (i.e. curves and unique shapes cost more)
  • Level of grinding required
  • Structural or superficial cracks
  • Linear meters of cracks
  • Linear meters of saw cuts
  • High level of moisture in the concrete that needs to be treated with a chemical blocker
  • The presence of efflorescence
  • Discolouration of the concrete
  • Crazing in the concrete
  • Removal of an existing coating or sealer
  • The presence of low spots and pop-outs
  • Concrete dust
  • Spalling on the concrete

Barefoot Concrete has estimators that will meet with you onsite and discuss your project and will provide you with an estimate based on the result you are looking for. Call us now, try out our services, our friendly team will help you get the best bang for your buck!