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Concrete resurfacing colour and pattern trends

Are you wondering what the current trends in the market are for decorative concrete resurfacing? Do you do a tile pattern, a blanket pattern, or a random pattern?

Do you have a concrete area that is needing some improvements and you are wanting to do something that is currently in style?

As such we have not chosen a “wow” image for this blog, it is ordinary, yet subtly effective to communicate the key message of this blog. Read on to find out more…

Look no further, Barefoot Concrete considers ordinary concrete as our canvas, to produce something that is appealing and attractive. We stand by our slogan, “concrete is our skill, innovation is our passion, personalised solutions are our speciality.”

The history of trends and colour patterns in the concrete coating or decorative concrete overlay industry has come full circle in regard to designs and appearance. In the early 1960s, concrete overlays and decorative concrete resurfacing was very basic with only a few options available. These options were mostly grey, with more of a utilitarian focus and function.

As the market has now grown considerably over the last fifty-plus years with advances in innovation and the introduction of many new materials, this has caused an expansion and the emergence of different trends and decorative designs. We have so many more options now with the use of complex colours and patterns, however, this movement reached its peak about the time the industry slowed down in 2008.

In the nineties and early 21st century, the trends were very much pattern based but now over the last ten years we now see the market returning to clean and simple finishes. Gray is back as one of the most popular colours, as the contemporary industrial look has returned.

The days of complex pattern and bright intense colour have been replaced with soft, single-colour finishes, muted earth tones and clean lines. This makes a lot of sense as concrete overlays are an external product and this design sense blends well into outdoor areas.

No matter if the work is residential or commercial, “less is more” when it comes to current overlay colour and design trends. “Seven to ten years ago it was all about how different and unique the floor can be. Today it is about being clean, simple, and cost-effective.

If this is what you want to do, contact us, we simply provide good value! Our solutions are not over the top, they are designed with current trends in mind aimed to make your property look fantastic in a natural blend-in kind of way! Call us today, we can make a difference to the appearance of your property.