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Why use a styrene-acrylic polymer for concrete render?

The Barefoot Concrete cementitious polymer portfolio is built around four core technological pillars that are essential for the development of building product formulations to meet a wide variety of needs.

As such, customers of Barefoot Concrete have access to over 40 years of experience in manufacturing technically advanced, high-quality polymers. The business offers a range of four cementitious polymers including pure acrylic, styrene-acrylic, and co-polymers.

Our focus on specific polymers is directly related to the concreting and construction industry with the core features and benefits being strong adhesion, improved water resistance, ease of use and increased durability.

Our focus of this blog is on using a styrene-acrylic binder as a cost-effective way to strengthen concrete and cement-based renders. It is highly waterproof and does not need additional waterproofing processes, therefore, it is an effective option for wet areas of the home, and prevents walls from rotting if exposed to water.

Using a styrene-acrylic polymer with concrete rendering is a highly recommended application for external walls, as its weather-resistant properties will reduce the wear and tear on the outside of your home. External weather elements don’t affect a good polymer rendering application!

When a styrene-acrylic polymer is used as a superplasticiser admix it will increase cure rates, and produce stronger, waterproof concrete.

It is also an ideal admix for the construction of pools and water features. However, waterproofing concrete has some important benefits beyond the obvious. By stopping the free passage of water through the concrete salt migration is also eliminated and problems such as efflorescence, reinforcing corrosion, delamination and rising damp are avoided.

Our styrene-acrylic polymer, Y863 Primer, can also be used topically for stabilising and strengthening friable surfaces. You can apply it as a primer coat to newly rendered walls to get the strength and durability of an acrylic texture coat without the cost.

The high concentrations of acrylic polymer in Y863 Primer add flexibility and strength to cementitious materials and prevents dehydration from the effects of wind, sun and dry heat during the curing process.

Rendered walls primed with a styrene-acrylic polymer have a significantly improved service life and provide the perfect base for exterior paints. Further, the primer also waterproofs the render so delamination of paint from negative hydrostatic pressure (i.e. rising damp) will not occur.


  • A super-strong concrete binder and water reducer
  • Use as an admix to create super-strong and waterproof concrete
  • Increases surface strength and water resistance of concrete when applied topically
  • An excellent primer for spray-on coloured cement finishes
  • Apply directly onto new concrete for a rapid cure to save fresh slabs from rain damage
  • Stabilises and strengthens friable surfaces
  • Adds strength to render cement
  • An excellent primer for rendered and plastered walls
  • Very cost-effective method of increasing the quality of the render
  • Non-Hazardous Material Classification
  • Exterior paints friendly


Curing Time:

  • Touch dry: 30-60 minutes
  • Recoat: 24 hours
  • Fully cured: 72 hours

Coverage: 20-25m²/litre depending on surface porosity

Dilution: 1:3 (1 part product to 3 parts water).

Clean-up: Water

Equipment needed: Pump sprayer or WBS CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) and broom

Odour: None


  • For use as a water-based primer for resurfacing systems
  • For use on newly constructed rendered walls to minimise the development of cement associated surface cracking
  • Use to bind and waterproof cement-based materials


Dilution: The styrene-acrylic polymer, Y863 Primer, is a highly concentrated product that requires dilution with water before application. Mix the neat product thoroughly before dilution. Suggested dilution rates are 1:3.

Application: Diluted solution should be mixed thoroughly before application. Apply using a CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) or suitable spray applicator. Best applied to a wet/damp surface to help draw product into the surface material.

Use the white colour of the product as a visual aid to achieve even coverage. Use a soft bristle broom to sweep out any pools that develop. Allow to dry clear / 24 hours before applying paint.

Wash all equipment with water after use.

Environment and Safety

All Barefoot Concrete’s water-based products are environmentally responsible. Y863 Primer is an environmentally friendly product that:

  • Water-based
  • Contains no petroleum solvents or silicone compounds
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • VOC < 2 g/L

Store products in a cool dry area, and keep the product out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children, wash up any spills by flushing with water, and avoid contact with eyes and skin, for professional use only.

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