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Eco Glass for polished concrete

Barefoot Concrete is doing a special blog on a featured company Tru Eco Glass

They are doing some amazing work for the environment and sustainability. People everywhere throw away tones of rubbish and glass every day that over time generates mountains of waste that pollute our environment.

What impresses me is that this initiative was created by a concreter, Concrete Culture, and these products can go into aggregate, more about that later.

80% of the trash that people throw away causes the pollution of the land and sea. It takes more than a million years for a glass bottle to decompose naturally. If we fail to recycle them properly, it will harm the environment for the next generation to come.

Concrete Culture is showing their creative genius as well as their responsibility towards the environment as they don’t see the glass as waste, they see it as an opportunity.

Recycling is not merely a government program, it is everyone’s responsibility. Tru Eco Glass has a global vision to transform used glass into premium products. From Australia and soon to the world.

This is how they do it: They gather the shattered pieces, pick the used glasses up, work on it and craft it back into resources that are recycled endlessly without losing its quality or purity.

Saving our planet is not a one-person job. You can participate in saving our planet with Tru Eco Glass and lay a good foundation for the next generation.

Tru Eco Glass is focused on the Australian environment. They love Australia and will continue working hard to keep it clean from recycled materials that end up in landfills. They are a company that values the environment more than profit.

The hard work put into collecting, cleaning, separation, crushing, classifying, and the packaging is about the satisfying feeling they get with doing something greater than themselves, by helping to make a better place for next generation.

This is what drives their passion and dedication. We invite you to reach out to them and become part of a like-minded community of suppliers, distributors, and most valued customers.


A friend of mine once said, “Opportunity is often disguised in overalls and looks like work!” This is true, recycling is a new and responsible way of living – and it takes work!

Tru Eco Glass has worked hard to create an excellent business that is focused on the environment and they are working even harder to bring new products onto the market. If you are looking for something specific, visit their website and contact them.

In terms of concreting and polished concrete, choosing the right size and colour for your project is essential.

There is a broad application in the concrete and terrazzo industry: Crushed glass concrete benchtops, polished concrete countertops, concrete floors or terrazzo floors, concrete coffee tables, concrete coasters, concrete BBQ with great head resistance, crushed glass chopping board, concrete dining table, concrete furniture, epoxy countertops, a concrete fireplace, concrete plinth, and resin floors.

If you create a polished concrete benchtop or polished concrete BBQ, you will appreciate the benefits and capabilities of the heat resistance of crushed glass aggregate.

They have many different products for everyone, even for the most demanding customers. Please contact them or Barefoot Concrete as our range of premium waterbased sealers are used to make these products shine!