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The benefits of eCommerce for the construction industry

Change is here!

2020 has been disruptive yet it has also introduced massive changes around the world having been greatly impacted by Covid-19. While there has been a lot of things go wrong, there has been a lot that has gone right. Massive change brings massive opportunity!

The construction industry has been poised for change, and 2020 has been the catalyst to accelerate the changes. Many businesses have the opportunity to make the investment to set up online businesses to meet the demand in the marketplace, much like a brick and mortar shop would.

For Barefoot Concrete, it has been a great year, we have done well! As we close the financial year and look back at the successes of the past year we see that the ability to supply nationwide through our online shop has enabled us to reach customers all over Australia.

We have embraced the change with a strong focus on enabling our clients to buy our products through our shop. While online shopping is established in the retail industry, eCommerce has been lagging behind, yet it is beginning to show signs of growth.

2021 has been a year full of opportunity! We have taken a bold step forward to make our products available 24/7 nationwide. As I often quote, “it’s not the big who eat the small, it’s the fast who eat the slow,” unknown author.

It’s often the big, established, comfortable competitors who criticize the small business competitor, but it’s the small, fast operators that are embracing e-commerce in construction. As I look back over the past 18 months, the big competitors have still not changed and adapted and as a result companies like Barefoot Concrete are growing and maturing in their online strategy. Before we know it, the fast will be eating the slow! Hold that thought, yes, it’s starting to happen :).

The construction materials market is becoming a viable online channel that Barefoot Concrete is capitalizing on. We are riding the wave of disruption moving forward, this is what our customers expect from us, and why they buy from us through our online shop.

We have seen the curve grow exponentially as the demand for e-commerce in the construction industry has jumped higher. We realized that if companies are not selling their key products online, they will lose their relevancy in the market. We have realized not just an uptick in revenue but it has opened the door to even more business opportunities than the limitations of a brick and mortar trade supply store.

We have discovered through our data that more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of the internet and are adapting so that they can make more informed decisions and as a result, are buying from our online shop.

We have found people first research the brand, exploring reviews and feedback, before they make their purchase. People are also tending to lean towards innovation patterns in that buyers now have a choice, they can choose between a traditional purchase method and a contemporary one. Even in the construction industry, people are more likely to pursue shopping online because of the convenience it brings.

Even tradies are changing their buying behaviour such that they expect their transactions to be done completely online. Because of this, construction suppliers like Barefoot Concrete are leveraging this demand in the eCommerce economy and servicing the next generation buyers who prefer self-service tools that they can conveniently access anywhere, anytime or anyplace – visit our shop and buy what you need.

Therefore, Barefoot Concrete delivers on its promise of “Simply good value!” We deliver a convenient way to buy products online that is difficult to ignore. We are now optimized for the ultimate mobile user experience. We expect in the future that more sales will come in through mobile or online buyers than through brick and mortar stores as people utilize the Internet to make buying decisions.

Efficient delivery

Our online shop has paved the way to get an order delivered to our customer’s door in just a few days. Smart tradies know when to order online and through efficient courier services orders are shipped out effortlessly and tracked in real-time and delivered door-to-door.

As an online seller, we have reduced inefficiencies by outsourcing, allowing us to work on the business and not get caught up in the inefficiencies of a brick and mortar business.

Additionally, moving quickly and arranging fast delivery results in highly satisfied customers. This is so important especially when there a project time constraints that need their deliveries on time. 

My customers know that the shop doesn’t close! If they forgot to buy a product they can still go online and buy online and it’s on the courier for delivery the next day.

Waste reduction

eCommerce can reduce wasteful practices that are so prevalent in the construction industry today.

Now, a project manager or a tradie can effortlessly find sustainable materials for their project with just a click of a button, even if the desired materials are not readily available locally.

The construction industry is beginning to adopt sustainable practices and look for more eco-friendly solutions. There are more options available now when it comes to environment-friendly materials. For example, Barefoot Concrete’s range of water-based polymers, modifiers, activators, sealers, densifiers and additives is a good example of this.

We are committed to doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction materials industry and are always looking for innovative and sustainable products to sell online.

Cost reduction

The high cost of selling products through traditional local trade supply stores can be greatly reduced, if not fully eliminated, through the rise of eCommerce in this sector. It’s beginning to happen, watch this space!

For example, you don’t need an expensive commercial property. If you do need a property, it can be industrial and set up as a product deployment point, it doesn’t need the bells and whistles that consumers expect. It can also be much smaller, you need far less space, therefore costing less.

You also don’t need many staff to engage with customers on the floor, therefore, your staff overhead and all associated costs are reduced. There are many other benefits that realize significant cost savings.

This attracts buyers who get the best value for their money as an eCommerce business can pass on the cost reduction savings to the consumer. For the tradie, this means he pays less for more, and this means more profit on his bottom line or he can also pass on some of the savings to win over a new customer.

For example, a contractor may propose a solution to his customer, calculating the material pricing they can leverage through eCommerce stores. He may be able to buy the higher-quality material at a significantly lower cost and he will get better margins from the job. For example, all our polymers are concentrated, they can be diluted 1:3, meaning 20L can become 80L, and often costs much less than buying from a trade supply store.

If tradespeople begin to purchase construction products through eCommerce they can avoid “being sold” an expensive product in a shop by a salesman whose intent is his commission, they can do their own homework, and buy with confidence products that are as good or better than at their local store. As a consequence, immediate financial gain is realized as costs are decreased significantly.

In conclusion, eCommerce in the construction industry is not just a trend, it’s here. It’s the future of selling. Barefoot Concrete is reaching out to the whole Australian market looking to cater to smarter buyers who have ready access to information at their fingertips.

Therefore, Barefoot is able to open 24/7 for your convenience, you can shop anytime! We can be in Timbuktu and still fulfil your order!

We also lower the purchase price of products, and pass on the savings to you so you make more money! We also deliver products through courier services so you get door-to-door deliveries. Finally, we focus on waste reduction, eco-friendly products, and do our bit with regards to sustainability. We have figured out this basic principle – it’s not all about us. As Jack Welch said, “the more we help our customers succeed the more successful we will be.”

We are able to better control and manage our overheads and our cash flow is stronger. Bottom line, it’s all about the bottom line, we do it smarter, faster, and cheaper – that’s the value of buying products online through Barefoot Concrete.