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Looking for the best penetrating sealers?

Barefoot Concrete provides a range of high-quality concentrated water-based sealers. However, this is not what this blog is about. But if you are looking for them, please contact us. What we are going to do is dive deeper into impregnating or penetrating sealers.

As such, Barefoot Concrete has a special range of sealers, one of these is called Fortifier Plus. Fortifier Plus is a deep penetrating consolidator water seal product designed to be used on any sedimentary stone being used in a saltwater location.

It is also used as a water sealer on other surfaces, even if the need for consolidation isn’t required, such as block walls etc.

Fortifier Plus is a permanent type of sealer with a 15-year manufacturer’s performance warranty for both the consolidation and the water seal.

Next, we have the Stain Protector. This is a natural finish full-spectrum (both water and oil) sealer used either alone on a normal location as a permanent sealer with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It can also be used in conjunction with the Fortifier Plus for sedimentary stone about saltwater.

Both products are silane (single molecule) chemical reactant type of seal which chemically changes the nature of the treated stone to create the protection offered.

These two products are unlike normal sealers, which are speciality plastics such as Teflon’s, which will break down over time with exposure to UV light, chemicals or even traffic.

To prepare the surface prior to the application of our sealers, we also have our basic cleaners, TED (The Efflorescence Destroyer), which is a very safe but potent acid cleaner. Another useful product is the Oxitec M, a very powerful PH balanced peroxide-based cleaner, particularly for mould issues.

We also offer C-Complex, which is a next-generation, concentrated performance additive designed to substantially increase concrete grinding, polishing and cutting speed and lengthen diamond tool life.

Lastly, we also do a colloidal silica densifier called Forti-Col. This is a new technology colloidal silica densifier for concrete. It is a premium curing and anti-dusting treatment for freshly poured slabs.

What makes it different?

  • Smaller nano-particles = better penetration.
  • More reactive, superior densification, faster curing.
  • Lower, non-caustic pH – safer for people and surfaces.
  • UV and chemically resistant. Lasts for decades, even outdoors.
  • Water-based, zero VOC.

Why am I mentioning these products?

Specifically, if you are doing concrete polishing, and want a durable floor, then we offer a proven system where we use the C-Complex, for efficiency in cutting and grinding concrete, the colloidal silica densifier, and the Stain Protector for the sealer.

Ask us for the product data sheets and how we do this, happy to let you in on our secret :).

All our products are available via our online shop.