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What is polished concrete and why should you be interested?

Are you interested in polished concrete?

Polished concrete is a popular alternative to concrete overlays and other modern design solutions for concrete. Basically, polished concrete is where a contractor grinds a concrete floor surface, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings.

Because of concrete’s durability and performance businesses, retailers, warehouses, and office facilities are choosing polished concrete flooring as an attractive and modern alternative to marble, granite, tile, linoleum, or concrete resurfacing.

Homeowners are also adopting polished concrete solutions due to their modern retro appeal and attractive, high-lustre floors.

Barefoot Concrete is helping its customers with popular design ideas for polished concrete. Talk to us about ideas on how to achieve a decorative look, how to clean and maintain polished concrete, how to improve the slip-resistance of polished concrete floors, and the environmentally friendly attributes of polished concrete.

Polishing concrete is not a DIY project, be careful! Polishing concrete floors requires a great deal of skill, expertise and knowledge of concrete. You also need to know how to use specialised heavy-duty polishing machines and densifiers. You also need to know what diamond disks to use on what floor and at what stage. it’s not easy to get a concrete surface to the desired degree of shine and smoothness.

Also, if you consider the investment in equipment and the skill required, it’s definitely not a project for novices. it’s best to hire a professional concrete polishing contractor to do the work.

Another reason to consider polished concrete floors is that they are low maintenance. All you need to do is daily dust mopping as this will keep particles off the floor and protect the surface.

A polished concrete floor is densified and hardened through the polishing process, therefore, polished surfaces don’t require sealers or waxes. Sometimes they may go dull with years of high-traffic use, however, if you use a buffing machine or hire a contractor to do it, the surface can be restored to its original shine.

The main point is if you look after your floors and maintain them, they will last long and maintenance will be at a minimum cost.

So, how do you maintain a polished concrete floor?

Although polished concrete floors are extremely durable, they still need to be properly cleaned and maintained, especially if they are located in high-traffic areas. Polished concrete floors are not maintenance-free, they generally are easier to care for than other types of decorative concrete floors, since they require no waxing or sealing.

In summary, maintaining a polished concrete floor comes down to routine maintenance. This consists of daily dust mopping to remove dirt and grime accumulation that can abrade the surface of polished concrete.

For stubborn dirt use a floor cleaner to suspend the dirt particles so they can be more easily removed, it will be even easier to maintain!