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Growing in times of adversity

To an entrepreneur, times of uncertainty, fear and massive shifts in global and local markets are times of opportunity and growth. It is in these uncertain times that fear paralyzes and indecision rules as people falter and wonder what’s happening around them.

It is in these times that companies like Barefoot Concrete see the greatest opportunities to grow and to capitalize on the windows of opportunity that present themselves in our market. As I say, “opportunity is often disguised in overalls and looks like work.”

What I have discovered is that the movers and shakers of business are pressing into the marketplace aggressively to increase their advantage. It’s times like this when there are winners and losers, and good businesses are looking to come out the other side as winners!

The job in the photo was a small one, but in times of adversity, you take whatever you can, you do whatever it takes!

As such, Barefoot Concrete has partnered with a like-minded business, Chemforce, as their distributor for Queensland. They are a business that is dedicated to producing superior technology that is safer for people and the environment.

For those of us who are in the industry, we know that the chemical industry doesn’t have a good reputation, there is so much going on between the lines that its often difficult to see the forest for the trees, to separate the average from the good, and to find a truly great company. Barefoot Concrete is aiming high! we want to be a part of the solution, where our main goal is to offer superior products at better prices than is currently offered by the chemical industry.

Behind every great chemical company like ours is an unrelenting commitment to excellence, a responsibility to the environment and best safety practices and who possess true forward-thinking scientific innovation, these are the values that have driven and is the bond of our new partnership with Chemforce.

When you combine strong values and an uncompromising commitment to the best technology and don’t lower these standards, in order to meet the highest performance goals, maintain exceptional quality and keep the price fair, you have a winning formula every time!

Our company is also not just about the products or the environment, it’s about people, who ultimately come first. If you are a Barefoot Concrete customer, your success is our concern. Success comes from people, processes and technology, therefore our relationship with you is paramount, as without you we don’t get the feedback, knowledge, and understanding from the field from the technologies we offer.

Our people, whether they work for us or use our products, are our priority, and this is what makes us different, our consideration and commitment to people, products and systems that are the safest and most effective solutions to common problems in our industry.

Aside from building and distributing products through our channel, our responsibility is to provide effective education and technical support to improve the knowledge of construction chemicals amongst tradies so that together we get the best results and the outcomes our clients desire.

You may be asking, what is Barefoot Concrete’s value? Well, we believe that every product Barefoot Concrete offers must equal or offer a clear technical advantage over the best competitor’s technology at a better price.

We also offer our water-based sealer range in concentrate, high-solids form. What does that mean? It simply means that one pail of the product will make 4-5 pail and cover up to 450m2. Our water-based sealers: W881 Colour Enhancing Sealer, B883 Stain Resisting Sealer, and G887 Stain Protecting Sealer provide solutions from porous concrete, limestone and sandstone, natural stone, to very dense and hard concrete surfaces.

This is where Barefoot Concrete and Chemforce™ agree, we share a common dedication to superior technology, simply put, we want to offer the best products are the best price, underpinning our company slogan of “Simply good value!”

Chemforce not only has extensive experience at the cutting edge of construction chemicals, but they are all experienced innovators and inventors across a broader market segment. So, although we have “concrete” in our company name, we sell the full range of products to a broader industry.

Therefore, just like Barefoot Concrete, Chemforce is experimenting and innovating in areas of materials science outside of construction chemicals, in mining, roadbuilding and other industries.

On this, we fundamentally agree, that people come before commerce. Business is about people, therefore we care about people above the bottom line. This is not always the case with the chemical industry, which has a poor reputation, which operates on a profit before people principle, that money comes first, which leads to all sorts of integrity-bending and questionable practices. As a famous CEO said, “the more we help our customer succeed the more successful we will be.” As soon as we start caring about the people, the money takes take of itself! 

Barefoot Concrete is a company that is part of the solution in the chemical industry, as such, we support and partner with responsible companies, who produce functional chemical solutions which do not “poison the well.”

Now, let’s get to the categories of products that we offer. The following categories of products that are available to purchase through Barefoot Concrete are as follows:

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Coating removers and strippers
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Concrete restoration
  • Concrete cutting and coring
  • Concrete polishing
  • Concrete primers and membranes
  • Concrete slab curing
  • Diamond tool performance
  • Earth / PFAS remediation
  • Geotech and hard rock drilling
  • Graffiti control
  • Precast concrete
  • Road building
  • Silicates
  • Stone cutting and polishing

Call us to discuss your requirements or ask us for a quote. We service Queensland and can send you products, wherever you are.