Barefoot Concrete supplies eco-friendly sealing products that can outperform traditional solvent-based alternatives. We provide high-quality products to the concrete sealing industry that are safe without compromising on quality, performance and durability.

Anyone who has applied a concrete sealer knows that you need the surface to be as dry as possible, with less than 4% moisture in the concrete, so that the sealer will be drawn into the surface and thereby bind to surface strongly and consistently.

In the case of most solvent-based sealers, any moisture remaining in the substrate may cause the sealer to whiten or have hazy patches. For freshly poured surfaces this often means waiting up to a month before a decent sealer can be applied. For surfaces that need to be pressure cleaned prior to sealing you will normally need to wait at least a day for the surface to dry out sufficiently. 

This waiting can turn even a relatively small day job into a two-day job. For contractors, this means a return trip a day or two later to apply a sealer. Worse still, all the time you are waiting for the surface to dry is time that the clean surface is at risk of getting dirty again.

With our sealer, damp substrates are a non-issue. In fact, the moisture is required to help the sealer to migrate into the substrate to give that deep penetrating and long-lasting protection.

As such, our product Eco Concrete Sealer can be applied to new concrete as soon as the surface is hard enough to walk on. This strengthens and protects the concrete against stains from day one.

We get this question a lot, “What makes Eco Concrete Sealer so special?” Well, besides the fact that this is a premium quality water-based sealer, THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF THIS PRODUCT IS THAT IT IS DESIGNED TO BE APPLIED TO WET SURFACES!

Eco Concrete Sealer is a nano polymer solution that creates a breathable matrix seal in the surface of the concrete. This matrix regulates moisture content by slowly allowing water to be absorbed and/or released. This ensures the substrate does not remain waterlogged but that there is sufficient moisture for proper hydration of the concrete.

When Eco Concrete Sealer is applied to freshly poured concrete, it will prevent premature drying and ensure that sufficient moisture is retained for proper curing reactions to take place. The end result is increasing the strength of the concrete and reducing the risk of cracking and dry shrinkage. As a bonus, it also provides an excellent solution for prevention or fixing concrete dusting problems.

Key Features:

  • Premium Grade, UV Stable Sealer
  • Non-toxic and eco friendly
  • Suitable for concrete, exposed aggregate, stone and other paved surfaces
  • Tight cross-linking forms a tight matrix below the surface
  • Premium stain protection against oil, dirt and other substances
  • Applied to a wet surface immediately after cleaning
  • Will not whiten, flake or yellow
  • Increases surface quality and durability
  • Saves applicators and clients time and money
  • Can be buffed to a high gloss finish

What are the benefits to applicators or contractors?

  • Safe and easy to apply. Non-toxic, No VOC’s and BPA free
  • Clean and seal the SAME DAY – applied to wet surfaces
  • Apply sealer throughout the winter months without fear
  • One coat sufficient in most cases. A second coat can normally be applied within 30 minutes
  • Seal concrete as soon as it is firm enough to walk on
  • Exposed aggregate concrete can be sealed immediately after exposing the aggregate – No need for acid washing
  • Concrete sealer doubles as a curing agent for new concrete
  • Concentrated formula – a 20kg pail is enough product to seal up to 450m2

What are the benefits to homeowners?

  • You can do it yourself – it’s that easy to apply!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains no VOCs = healthy choice for your family and pets
  • High quality, extreme durability and long-lasting protection
  • Excellent stain resistance and water repellency
  • Does not significantly alter the appearance of concrete, limestone or pavers
  • Will not make surfaces more slippery when wet
  • Minimal disruption – get the job done in a day

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