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Barefoot Concrete takes climate action!

Its time! Every person and business can make a difference, every action counts as we take positive steps to make a contribution to a sustainable future.

Climate change is a growing concern amongst consumers. Many people are looking for ways to shop sustainably from companies that offer green eCommerce solutions. These environmentally conscious businesses are fast becoming vital to the sustainability of the planet.

We want you to be a part of the solution! When your business takes action, doing the responsible thing by joining the fight, you are not just contributing to our planet’s future, but you are joining others who are rallying to reduce emissions and become carbon offset enterprises to help battle climate change.

Your input, no matter how small, is more than likely going to encourage someone else in your network to walk the walk too – its time to spread the right kind of virus – a climate change virus! Be the inspiration this world needs to make the right moves for the future.

As such, Barefoot Concrete has partnered with CarbonClick, and together we have a solution to help to reduce the climate impact of your business.

The fight against climate change is slowly becoming important for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide. But for many, this presents a challenge in knowing what to do to help the cause and how to go about it.

This is where CarbonClick comes in, they connect businesses and individuals to projects that fight climate change.

If you’re a business that purchases for the decorative concrete resurfacing industry, the concrete grinding and polishing industry, the epoxy floor industry, or the construction industry, we can help!

Through CarbonClick and their climate-friendly cart that Barefoot Concrete has integrated into their checkout process, we can help minimize your footprint during the purchasing experience.

If you’re an individual looking to take climate action, we invite you to purchase through our online shop.

How does carbon offsetting help companies?

The actions we take, like driving a car, and the things we buy create emissions. On the other side, something like planting trees takes this staple out of the atmosphere.

Offsets measure the benefits created by projects dedicated to reducing these side effects. By buying them, you neutralize your emissions.

We are all in it together! We share this planet and its resources and it’s important to take personal responsibility, not just leaving it to brands to offer sustainable products, packaging and shipping.

Customers are becoming more conscious of their own emissions and are increasingly open to taking responsibility for their carbon footprint, as we all have one! 

At Barefoot Concrete, we believe that carbon offsetting should be a fundamental part of how we all operate, wherever we are on our sustainability journey.

It comes down to taking the first step, and that first step is to be a part of the answer! If your business is just starting out, offsetting is an easy way to start making a real impact that gives you time to focus on the next steps; if your business is mature and established, it is a simple way to let your customers understand your commitment to a sustainable future.

Since 2020 and the global lockdowns we have seen an unprecedented move to online shopping activity and an increasingly climate-conscious awareness beginning to take place online.

As a result, more attention is being drawn to the impact of eCommerce and there is an added urgency for businesses to be seen to be taking action. Therefore, Barefoot Concrete has joined the fight!

We have found that consumers are more willing than ever to pay more for sustainable products and services, and 80% are likely to switch brands to one similar in price and quality if they support a cause.

We have also discovered that consumers are willing to act on climate change. The challenge they face is that they don’t feel their actions will be effective or do not feel armed with the information to make a change.

As an eCommerce business, in the concrete space, we know how many emissions our industry creates, therefore we have made the decision to be involved. It is an exciting time to take the lead on climate action and a great opportunity to give our store a meaningful point of difference.

We are early adopters of the online revolution to make things significantly easier to implement green solutions end-to-end: from supply chain to point of delivery.

Carbon offsetting, very simply, is a way of balancing out the carbon emitted by a product through supporting projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. We have made carbon offsets easy by integrating them into our checkout process online at Barefoot Concrete. Now, our customers can start having an immediate impact on climate change.

Barefoot Concrete uses waterbased products, and are endeavouring to move away from toxic solutions and to be more environmentally conscious in the products we sell. Therefore, we were excited when CarbonClick approached us to be an early adopter in our industry. Barefoot Concrete has established one of the first green eCommerce stores in the construction industry. We are committed to growing a sustainable brand.

Our solution, through integrating a climate-friendly cart, makes carbon offsetting incredibly simple for our customers. Our Green Button appears at checkout, giving our customers the option to add a carbon offset to their purchase.

As soon as they offset, the customer can track and trace their contribution to the exact projects they have supported and measure the impact they have made and this contributes to our collective cumulative offset impact.

Every offset our customers make is managed by CarbonClick and supports local and global Gold Standard projects around the world. By helping our customers take ownership over their carbon footprint, Barefoot Concrete is taking a genuine leadership role in the fight against climate change.