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If you are looking for Barefoot Concrete’s products, please browse the shop, we deliver nationwide.

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What makes us different?

We are not a traditional trade supply store that services a local area and that relies on walk-in local customers to buy off the shelf products.

We are an eCommerce or  “Click and mortar” business that operates 24/7 for your convenience.

We don’t do normal 7 am to 5 pm opening hours, you can order online anytime!

We don’t have an expensive commercial property, or regional branches, or carry a wide range of products, or have staff or other costly overheads – we keep it simple!

We have systemized our business to operate efficiently and effectively. Utilizing a slick supply chain system, we deliver our premium products directly to you.

We don’t offer a comprehensive range of thousands of products, we specialize in key products for specific systems and applications.

We also bypass costly steps in the traditional supply chain model so we can get premium products to you, at a great price. This means you make more money! Your jobs are more profitable, directly impacting your bottom line, as you make the smart choice of “paying less for more!”

This is how we work: Our business model is different, we don’t do what most companies do because we have a different philosophy, it’s what makes us different. We know that if we put the customer first, everything works out!

We have a genuinely benevolent intent, that your jobs will be more profitable, that using higher-quality products will produce better outcomes, that your value to the marketplace grows! We want to help you build a better business and we want you to be our customer for a long time!

That’s right, we believe that the more we help our customers succeed the more successful we will be!

Our business is growing, our business model is working, our customer base is expanding, and we are reaching customers across Australia – thank you for your support!

Why do we do it?

We do business this way because we believe that we make a difference! We don’t want to do it the way everyone else does business, we want to make an impact, to be on the leading edge, to influence and bring change, both economically, socially and sustainably – it’s good for our industry!

While we understand and appreciate the traditional business models that exist in our marketplace, we don’t want to be a copycat, if it’s working for you – good!

We realize that for new and innovative players to emerge and thrive in this business, we must create a different system that delivers more value to the market.

Demand, supply, quality and quantity are the cornerstone values of our economics that make it work. Therefore, focusing on delivering massive value is an essential part of succeeding at what we do.

Therefore, to understand the “why” you need to know our intent. In business, there are just three intents, or what I call “the three attentions”: These are, “I am here to get,” “I will give in order to get,” and “I am here to give.”

Everything that Barefoot Concrete does is about giving, no strings attached! Our intent is to give, and when we give, we get back with dividends. This is our x-factor, and it works! This is what makes us a great business and that offers great products and outstanding service – we make it easy to trade with us!

What are the benefits?

We have a number of unique benefits when it comes to our products.

  • We do our best to source premium products
  • We give our customers excellent value
  • We back our quality products with great service!
How is this special?

For starters, we have built our business on our premium range of concentrated cementitious polymers for the concrete coating, concrete sealing, and concrete cutting, grinding, drilling and polishing industries.

For example, if take just any one of our polymer products, the Primer, Acrylic Modifier, Grout Polymer, or Water-Based Sealers, a 20Kg pail makes 80L or 4 pails of product!

We don’t dilute our products, we don’t try to sell you something for as much as we can get. We don’t hide our solids content, we publish it. We let you discover the value of our high-quality, premium polymer concentrates that when diluted 1:3 cost much less than buying a similar product from a traditional trade supply store.

A simple formula that proves you are getting unbeatable value is this: If you use a comparable product, like a water-based concrete sealer, for example, where the trade price may is $300 for 20L, then divide our equivalent product by 4. Simple!

In the example above, if a $360 water-based sealer seals 100m2, and an equivalent Barefoot Concrete product seals 450m2 for the same price, the actual comparable price is $90 for our product!

Let’s use another example, an Acrylic Modifier. This is what it looks like: If a W881 Acrylic Modifier from Barefoot Concrete costs $240 + GST. A similar product by a local trade supply store costs $110 + GST. Sounds cheaper, definitely not, as you get 4x more! The comparative Barefoot Concrete product actually costs $60.

As all our cementitious polymer products are concentrated, they need to be diluted 1:3, therefore, our products make 4 pails (80L), whereas a competitor’s product is already diluted (20L).

Most industrial products in the construction industry are formulated to go on neat and cover 100m2, Barefoot Concrete’s products are concentrated, you get 4x more!

Therefore, if you divide our cost by 4 the actual comparative cost, you can now draw your own conclusion – we deliver massive value!

Please visit our shop and buy online. Happy to take a call and discuss what you need, we are here to help.