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Why G887 Stain Protect Sealer is so good

We have an excellent, yet little known product called G887 Stain Protect Sealer. It is a concentrated water-based concrete sealer so one 20Kg bucket makes 80L or more product, depending on the application.

This is the big secret that sets Barefoot Concrete apart from most other suppliers. We don’t dilute our products! We provide them in a highly concentrated form and pass on the value to the end-user.

We challenge anyone in Australia to match our quality, concentration or price, so far it has not been done, the challenge goes unanswered! The reason for this is most other suppliers work differently, they all supply neat products, no dilution required. Yet, the little known fact is that neat products are diluted products and cost as much or more than Barefoot Concrete’s products AFTER dilution!

We welcome any savvy tradesperson, applicator, concreter, developer or builder to try our water-based sealer products, we stand by our high-quality, high-solids and concentrated products.

Just on the financial side, we are often significantly cheaper on a /m basis, meaning your job is more profitable as your materials cost less. It also makes you more competitive when you quote as you can beat the competition and still make more money. It’s a no-brainer, just ask us about this, we will help you.

G887 Stain Protect Sealer

G887 Stain Protect Sealer is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, breathable, penetrating sealer. It is ideal for concrete, granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces. It’s also very good for concrete, with good hydrophobic properties and excellent stain resistance. G887 is perfect for commercial, workshop and warehouse floors.

What’s more, our polymers have been locally tested in Australia only to find that our polymer range has the thickest polymer. What does this mean? It means it has a very high solids content. If you are still scratching your head about solid content, what it is is that is it highly concentrated and can be diluted and used for different purposes.

On the one hand, it can be used as a stain-resistant concrete sealer, or used as a natural stone sealer, or used to seal honed and polished concrete floors.

Further, it is completely different to an acrylic sealer. Typically, most acrylic sealers consist of large individual polymer chains that clump together to form a thick film on the surface. These films rely on a fairly weak adhesion to keep them stuck to the surface. So they are far more prone to delamination and failure than a penetrating sealer like G887 Natural Stone Sealer.

However, the G887 Stain Protect Sealer is different. It has nano-sized polymer chains, just a few nanometers in length. This gives it the advantage of penetrating deep into the substrate where they bond together to form an interlocking matrix within the surface.

This matrix is permanent and strengthens and protects the surfaces that are sealed. The top of this matrix sits above the surface and provides a wear layer, this is for the integrity and resistance of the coating. The matrix within the surface is for penetration and adhesion of the top of the matrix. As all sealers break down over time a maintenance coat is advised every few years to build up the resistance of the coating and preserve the integrity of the coating that protects the surface.

G887 Stain Protect Sealer is therefore ideal for dense materials like densified concrete, granite and marble. As such, being a true nano sealer, G887 Stain Protect Sealer builds a very thin, yet tough and resistant surface coat. G887 Stain Protect Sealer will gloss up when buffed to achieve higher gloss levels.

Itis unique design

G887 Stain Protect Sealer has been specifically designed to penetrate deep into dense surfaces like polished concrete and dense natural stones like marble and honed granite, We accomplished this by modifying B883 Stain Resist Sealer, the base polymer.

As a result, the much tighter cross-linking matrix also helps reduce water vapour permeation rates, produces a higher gloss potential, and has the ability to keep out even the finest organic stains.

These properties make it a high performance, environmentally friendly sealer for all types of concrete and stone benchtops and furniture; burnished floors – including food preparation and other wet areas; natural stone tiles and cladding; and Venetian plaster.

You may be asking, “why is penetration so important?” That’s a good question!

When applied correctly the product penetrates below the surface to form a permanent matrix within the upper layers of the substance being sealed. This matrix will remain in place for the service life of the surface.

This matrix not only keeps out stains but also serves to strengthen the surface of the materials being sealed. Since it integrates with the surface where it becomes impossible for the sealer to peel, blister or fail.

Additional coats will build on top of the matrix and form a film above the surface to provide enhancement and a wear layer to protect the surface from chemical and mechanical damage. Applying additional coats every few years will rebuild the wear layer and provide the best possible level of protection.

Like all products in the Barefoot Concrete sealer range, G887 Stain Protect Sealer is applied to damp or wet surfaces. This ensures the best possible protection as surfaces can be sealed immediately after cleaning.

It’s also a time-saver in many cement-based manufacturing and construction processes as the sealer can be applied and will fully cure within the normal curing and drying time. Plaster can be sealed as soon as it’s finished and concrete furniture can be sealed straight out of the mould and the MRT will ensure better curing and strength development too.

With no VOC’s it’s a safe and responsible choice for all indoor surfaces, but it has the durability and UV stability to be used outdoors, in any environment.

G887 Stain Protect Sealer is used as a standalone sealer for dense surfaces or as the final coat in a sealing system for any other surfaces. It is fully compatible with the Barefoot Concrete water-based sealer range and it will seamlessly adhere to and enhance surfaces pre-treated with W881 Colour Enhancing Sealer and/or B883 Stain Resist Sealer.

Key Features

  • Versatile sealer for dense, natural stone and polished concrete surfaces
  • Developed with MRT Science (Moisture Retention Technology) aiding in the curing of new installation cement-based materials
  • Increases surface quality of new and old concrete
  • Highest level of stain resistance
  • Eco-Friendly Non-Hazardous Material
  • Easy water clean up
  • UV Stable / Industrial Grade Pure Acrylic Sealer
  • Will not delaminate, blister, peel or turn yellow over time
  • Commercial/Industrial Grade
  • Applied to a wet substrate, saving time and money


G887 Stain Protect Sealer is used with confidence to seal and provide stain protection for all types of natural stone, including benchtops and tables.

G887 Stain Protect Sealer is also used as a final gloss coat together with another Barefoot Concrete product, usually W881 Colour Enhancing Sealer or B883 Stain Resisting Sealer.

G887 Stain Protect Sealer

  • is a penetrating sealer
  • provides superior stain-protection
  • is a great option to seal natural stone benchtops used as outdoor kitchens as it is UV Stable, Non-Toxic and won’t peel, blister or turn yellow
  • is an excellent topcoat option for driveways, alfresco’s, around pools or wherever a higher gloss finish is required

What are the benefits to applicators or contractors?

  • Clean and seal the same day! Sealer is applied to wet surfaces
  • Can be applied to curing cement-based products for enhanced strength development and reduced project turnaround times
  • Forms a matrix seal that does not blister or peel = no callbacks
  • Concentrated formula = economical and easy to transport

What are the benefits to homeowners?

  • Safe and environmentally friendly product. Contains no VOC’s = healthy choice for your family and pets
  • High quality and extreme durability for long-lasting protection
  • Excellent stain resistance and water repellency
  • Can be easily reapplied in the future with minimal disruption

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