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  • Mask Up Outdoors 1400 Pre-taped Masking Film (Box of 24)

    Mask Up Outdoors 1400 Pre-taped Masking Film (Box of 24)


    Mask Up Outdoors is a high-quality quality, industrial grade, multi-purpose pre-taped masking film for construction, concreting, concrete finishing, decorative concrete resurfacing and painting industries.

    Also good as a general use outdoor paint masker for DIY or professional trades.

    Ideal for use in windy conditions – strong adhesion and moisture resistance.

    Box of 24 units.

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    Mask Up Outdoors 1400 Pre-taped Masking film (36mm x 1400mm x 50m) Box of 24.

    A good quality, construction grade, multi-purpose pre-taped masking film.

    Suitable for construction, concreting, concrete finishing, concrete resurfacing, and DIY.

    The product is suitable for masking up outdoor areas in diverse weather conditions and is fit for purpose across many different industries.

    Product Features:

    • General purpose, heavy-duty and durable for masking up and protecting outdoor areas
    • Good cling properties and conformance to irregular surfaces
    • Excellent holding strength
    • Strong tackiness with good adhesion, even on dirty surfaces
    • Solvent and moisture resistance to minimize bleed through
    • Waterproof properties, can stick to damp or wet outdoor surfaces
    • Clean and residue-free removal within 24 hours
    • Electrostatic film properties where PE film clings to the surface
    • Superior ripping and linearity to improve workability
    • Easy unwinding and application
    • Easy cutting and trimming
    • Temperature resistance
    • Can be written on for labelling
    • RoHS compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
    • REACH compliance (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)
    • Retail wrapped

    Additional information

    Weight 17 kg
    Dimensions 54 × 36 × 24 cm


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