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  • Mask Up Outdoors 1100CT Pre-taped Masking Film (Box of 24)

    Mask Up Outdoors 1100CT Pre-taped Masking Film (Box of 24)


    Mask Up Outdoors 1100CT is a high-quality quality, industrial grade, multi-purpose cloth-based pre-taped masking film for construction, concreting, concrete resurfacing, concrete finishing and painting industries.

    Excellent as an outdoor paint masker for DIY or professional trades.

    Ideal for use in windy conditions – strong adhesion.

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    Mask Up Outdoors 1100CT is a cloth tape pre-taped masking film (36mm x 1100mm x 25m).

    A good quality, industrial grade, multi-purpose pre-taped cloth masking film. The product is suitable for masking up outdoor areas in diverse weather conditions and is fit for purpose across many different industries.

    Product Features:

    • Multi-purpose, heavy-duty and durable for masking up and protecting outdoor areas
    • Suitable for masking outdoor walls and roof when painting
    • Can also mask floors, walls, and windows when painting or resurfacing 
    • Good performance on rough or irregular surfaces
    • Excellent adhesion properties at low and high temperature
    • Electrostatic PE film holds misted paint and residue
    • Superior tearing, linearity and unwinding of a multi-folded drop sheet
    • Solvent and paint resistance to minimize bleed through
    • Can stick to damp outdoor surfaces
    • Clean and residue-free removal
    • Retail wrapped

    Additional information

    Weight 12 kg
    Dimensions 40 × 30 × 21 cm


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