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B883 Stain Resisting Sealer 20Kg CONCENTRATE

B883 Stain Resisting Sealer 20Kg CONCENTRATE


B883 Stain Resisting Sealer is a concentrated water-based penetrating sealer for concrete.

Can be used to seal fresh concrete, aggregate, and concrete coatings. Provides good stain protection for new and old concrete.

  • Highly concentrated formula – One 20Kg pail can seal up to 450m2
  • It is designed to be applied to wet surfaces
  • Is effective as a curing agent for new concrete
  • Is an effective solution for repairing dusting concrete
  • Enables you to pressure clean and seal on the same day
  • An excellent sealing option for driveways, alfresco’s, around pools, shopping centres, commercial sites, common walkways etc

Supplied in 20Kg pails and can be shipped to anywhere in Australia.

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B883 Stain Resisting Sealer is a premium, water-based acrylic sealer having excellent water, UV and stain resistance. It has good interactivity with alkali-soluble (HASE) and polyurethane (HEUR) rheology modifiers. B883 Sealer is also adhesion promoted to difficult substrates.

It was designed for use in our harsh Australian conditions. This amazing concrete sealer is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, UV-stable, breathable and penetrating concrete sealer. It is suitable for use on most porous external surfaces.

B883 Stain Resisting Sealer will not darken the look of the surface but will add some shine, particularly to smooth surfaces. When used on exposed aggregate it will make the stones shine without significantly altering the mortar. This will enhance the contrast between the two and make the aggregate sparkle. W881 Colour Enhancing Sealer can be used as a first coat to provide some subtle colour enhancement if desired.


  • Versatile sealer for all types of new and existing concrete and paved surfaces
  • Developed with MRT Science (Moisture Retention Technology) aiding in the curing of new installation cement-based materials
  • Protection for new concrete from DAY ONE
  • Applied to the wet substrate, saving time and money
  • High level of oil – dirt stain resistance
  • Minimises surface cracking
  • Eco-friendly Non-Hazardous Material
  • Easy water clean up
  • UV Stable / Industrial Grade Pure Acrylic Sealer
  • Will not delaminate or turn yellow over time
  • Commercial/Industrial Grade

What are the benefits to applicators or contractors?

  • Safe and easy to apply. Non-toxic, No VOC’s and BPA free
  • Clean and seal the SAME DAY – applied to wet surfaces
  • Apply sealer throughout the winter months without fear
  • One coat is sufficient in most cases. A second coat can normally be applied within 30 minutes
  • Seal concrete as soon as it is firm enough to walk on
  • Exposed aggregate concrete can be sealed immediately after exposing the aggregate – No need for acid washing
  • Concrete sealer doubles as a curing agent for new concrete
  • Concentrated formula – a 20kg pail is enough product to seal up to 450m2

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm