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How to use a natural stone sealer

If you have high-quality stonework on your property it deserves to be protected with a high-quality water-based stone sealer.

How do you use a natural stone sealer?

Natural stone is porous, which means it has interconnected capillaries through which liquids and gases can move. In fact, porous materials act like a hard sponge and actually suck in liquids over time, along with any dissolved salts and other minerals or contaminants.

More porous stone, such as sandstone will absorb liquids relatively quickly, while denser volcanic stones such as basalt are significantly less porous and may take longer to absorb oils and water-based liquids.

Natural stone should be protected against sub-surface staining, everyday dirt and spills; this can be done by sealing the stone with a natural stone sealer.

A water-based natural stone sealer is carried into the stone by water. It then dissipates bonding the sealer resins with the stone. This process doesn’t alter the slip resistance or natural look of the stone. The deposited resins then create an oleophobic (oil-repelling) and hydrophobic (water-repelling) barrier which prevents subsurface staining.

Barefoot Concrete provides a high-quality, concentrated natural stone sealer that is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and breathable penetrating sealer.

These products are considered “breathable,” meaning they allow for vapour transmission. G887 Stain Protect Sealer is on the cutting edge of this type of technology and is the perfect product for both DIY applications and commercial.

This product is ideal for granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces. It can also be used on commercial, workshop and warehouse floors. It is a pure cross-linking acrylic sealer, developed for Australia.

To understand the difference, most acrylic sealers consist of large individual polymer chains that clump together to form a thick film on the surface. These films rely on a fairly weak adhesion to keep them stuck to the surface. As such, they are far more prone to delamination and failure than a polymer water-based penetrating sealer.

However, G887 Stain Protect Sealer is different. Its polymer chains are very small, they are just a few nanometers in length. As such, they penetrate deep into the substrate and bond together to form an interlocking matrix from the inside out.

This matrix is permanent and serves to strengthen and protect the materials sealed. The top of this matrix sits above the surface and provides a wear layer. Maintenance is easy, you can simply apply a maintenance coat every few years to replenish the wear layer and deliver the ultimate in protection.

G887 Stain Protect Sealer has the smallest polymer size in our range of water-based sealers. Therefore, it’s ideal for dense materials like densified concrete, granite and marble. For more porous surfaces, like normal concrete, we recommend B883 Stain Resist Sealer or W881 Colour Enhancing Sealer which is more suitable.

G887 Stain Protect Sealer is a true nano sealer, it builds a very thin, yet tough surface layer. It is not a self-levelling sealer that delivers an artificial gloss, however, on smooth surfaces, G887 Stain Protect Sealer will be glossy and it can be buffed to achieve even higher sheen levels.

You can apply the product as a two coat stand-alone sealing system on natural stone or polished concrete or you can use it as a final coat over B883 Stain Resist Sealer or W881 Colour Enhancing Sealer on more porous surfaces.


  • Versatile sealer for dense, natural stone and polished concrete surfaces
  • Developed with moisture retention technology to aid in the curing of new installation cement-based materials
  • Increases the surface quality of new and old concrete
  • High-level stain resistance
  • Eco-friendly Non-hazardous material
  • Easy water clean up
  • UV stable
  • Industrial grade pure acrylic sealer
  • Will not delaminate, blister, peel or turn yellow over time
  • Commercial / Industrial Grade
  • Applied to a wet substrate, saving time and money

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