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Construction Tapes

Construction Tapes

Barefoot Concrete is an importer and wholesale distributor of adhesive tapes and specializes in the construction industry, the concrete finishing industry, and the concrete coating industry.

We supply resellers with construction grade tapes and adhesive products for trade, commercial, industrial and DIY applications.

While we are very competitive in the niche construction and concrete industry, we are confident that we can source high-quality products for your specific requirements for more specialised products that are difficult to find.

Mask Up Outdoors

One of our inhouse designed specialist tapes is “Mask Up Outdoors,” a high quality, construction grade, multi-purpose pre-taped masking film.

The product is suitable for masking up outdoor areas in diverse weather conditions and is fit for purpose across many different industries.


  • General purpose, heavy-duty tape for masking up and protecting outdoor areas
  • Good cling properties and conformance to irregular surfaces
  • Excellent holding strength
  • Strong tackiness with good adhesion, even on dirty surfaces
  • Solvent and moisture resistance to minimize bleed through
  • Water-resistant properties and can stick to damp outdoor surfaces
  • Clean and residue-free removal within 24 hours
  • Electrostatic film properties where PE film clings to the surface
  • Superior ripping and linearity to improve workability
  • Easy unwinding and application of multi-folded drop sheet
  • Easy cutting and trimming
  • Temperature resistance
  • Meets restriction of hazardous substances compliance
  • Meets registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals compliance
  • Retail wrapped in a heat-shrink film

Choosing the best quality tapes is essential as adhesive failure can be dangerous and costly and impact the efficiency of the tradesperson on the job, so selecting the right tapes, preparation and application are important.

This is why we developed Mask Up Outdoors, as it achieves the best adhesion for protecting surfaces outdoors when masking up and spraying on a decorative concrete coating.

The majority of the tapes we provide, use pressure-sensitive adhesives and are designed for working outdoors. This means that they need pressure during the application, that is rubbing down the tape when and after applying it.

Contact us today or head over to our online shop to purchase pretaped masking film, masking tape, cloth tape, painters tape, construction tape or filament tape, or contact us for any outdoor suitable tape.