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At home and wondering what to do?

We are living in interesting times. The Coronavirus or covid-19 epidemic has dramatically changed the world in a very short time. This has resulted in an effort to contain the virus through social distancing and other means to minimize the spread of the pandemic.

Yet, in spite of all this, there is still plenty to do around the house. Like, change your driveway or entry that’s looking tired. A good option is concrete resurfacing or just cleaning and sealing your outdoor concrete areas.

If you, like me, are spending more time at home, either by choice or self-isolation or just practical social distancing you may find yourself wondering what to do.

While I have seen many silly videos of what people are doing while spending time at home I want to help you to focus on some of the things that you have wanted to do but have been putting them off because you are too busy or at work all the time.

Home maintenance and getting those jobs done while spending lots of time at home will help stave off the boredom and will keep you in shape. Getting outdoors in your garden and working on your house instead of vegetating indoors and binge-watching Netflix or movies and eating junk food will keep you healthy! Vitamin D is an excellent source of building up your immune system, so make sure you do stuff outside!

This is where we can help, our work is outside, we can come and do a free onsite assessment of your situation and help you get your project completed. We can transform your property with a concrete resurfacing or concrete restoration project, and you can get in on the project and get your hands dirty!

We do things like cleaning and sealing. Just as in the photo above we can clean and seal driveways, sandstone, and all types of concrete. Our range of water-based sealers: W881 Colour Enhancing Sealer, B883 Stain Resisting Sealer, or G887 Stain Protecting Sealer can be a suitable easy DIY solution to seal your concrete after you have pressure cleaned it.

We can also apply a coloured sealer as you can see from the gallery photos. Then we can also restore your concrete by fixing concrete cracks and putting on a decorative concrete coating or repairing concrete cracks. Then, we can also do an epoxy floor for your garage.

If your business is closed and in much need of some work on the property, please call us, we can turn an eyesore into something aesthetically pleasing.

Whether it’s your driveway you want to be get cleaned and sealed or a decorative concrete resurfacing solution, or your restoring your house surrounds and paths, patio or entertainment area, we can help you to get those things done that you want to get done.

Make the most of the opportunity and do whatever you can to help your neighbour and your community get through this crisis.