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Alternative solutions to concrete resurfacing

What options do I have?

Does your driveway look like the photo above? Do you have an old tile pattern that is cracked, stained, faded, peeling, and the coating delaminating and it just looks tired and ugly? We view driveways and outdoor areas like this all the time.

However, we occasionally come across surfaces that look worse than the photo above, and have some serious problems that would make the area unsuitable for a decorative concrete coating, so what can be done? What are the options?

Concrete is used in nearly every construction project, however, due to the challenges in the concreting process, it could cause issues that dramatically increase the risk to a concrete coating.

The reasons are many and varied, reasons for this may be that the quality of the surface is too badly damaged or the condition of the surface too unstable or poor for a concrete coating.

Or, it may be that there are structural issues in the concrete, superficial and structural cracks, soft and dusty concrete, crumbling or crazing, spalling and popouts, discolouration, scaling, buckling, moisture issues or rising damp, or curling or the like.

There are many kinds of concrete problems that can compromise the quality and strength of the concrete and directly impact the choice of a decorative concrete resurfacing solution that goes over the top.

Property owners are left generally scratching their heads and wondering what the options are. Barefoot Concrete is here to help, we will visit your site and inspect the concrete and discuss what options are available.

Generally, the solutions fall within three broad options, firstly, if the concrete is in a reasonable condition then general surface preparation will take care of issues like cracks, however, there could be more serious underlying issues that could warrant the second option, ripping and replacing the damaged concrete with new concrete. This is a messy and time-consuming project and can be more trouble than it’s worth.

So what other options are there? Barefoot Concrete has discovered that there is a third option, this solution sits between resurfacing and replacing the concrete, it’s manufactured from recycled rubber and stone with a strong binding agent, making it a durable and flexible and beautiful option for covering interior and exterior concrete, asphalt, terracotta tile, wood, and can endure extreme weather conditions.

This solution has been designed to cover cracked, damaged, pitted, shaled, and deteriorated surfaces more effectively than a standard resurfacing solution as you don’t have to worry about fixing all the problems in the substrate, you just lay the product on top. There are also a variety of colours to choose from to produce an aesthetically pleasing finish without compromising on a tough and durable surface.

Why choose it? Because you don’t have to worry about what to do with your bad concrete, simply go over the top with a rubber and stone finish that looks fantastic and is durable. However, this does come at a higher cost and demands higher maintenance and cleaning.

Get the look you want with a rubber and pebble surfacing solution and bring back the beauty of your concrete areas. These solutions are very flexible and therefore handle most environments where movement in the concrete substrate has caused the surface to deteriorate.

What to do? Call us, we will discuss whether a concrete resurfacing solution, ripping and replacing your concrete, or going over the top of your concrete, tiles, pavers, bricks etc. with a different solution is the right idea for you.