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    Barefoot Concrete is a wholesale distributer of products for the concrete resurfacing, concrete polishing, and concrete coating industry. Our passion is to supply superior technology that is safer for people and the environment, to deliver on our promise of quality products and services, and deliver good value at competitive prices.

    We offer specific products for the concrete coating, decorative concrete resurfacing, and concrete grinding and polishing industries. We supply our products and services into South East Queensland and other states and territories of Australia.

    Our vision is to provide products and services that will achieve new standards of excellence in quality at great prices that will positively transform the concrete coating, construction and mining industries.

    If you are looking for a solution for your concrete, please contact us, we can help you to transform your concrete areas into high-quality surfaces that are durable, tough, and easy to maintain.

    What are you looking for? Products or services? Concrete resurfacing? Honed concrete? Waterbased sealers? Masking tape or Masking Film? Or are you looking at how you can transform your concrete?

    We have the answers! Our business exists to improve your concrete areas and to deliver results. As such:

    • we are fastidious about surface preparation
    • we source and distribute the best quality products
    • we use best practice techniques to create a long-lasting, tough, weatherable and high-quality finish
    • Our contractors are all independently licensed, fully trained and experienced applicators

    Our knowledgeable estimators will meet with you on-site to evaluate your requirements, understand the scope of work, and propose a solution to exactly meet your needs.

    Our objective is to help you to find a good quality, cost-effective solution that is attractive and performs as it should with minimal maintenance or hassles.

    At Barefoot Concrete we underpin our values with our motto, “simply good value!” With every client engagement, we aim is to deliver value at the right price.

    Our creative ability, rigorous processes, skilled workmanship and quality products are the key to delivering expected outcomes. Our unique combination of people, processes, products and technology ensures that the solutions we propose perform as expected.

    Call us today to speak with one of our friendly estimators and arrange a free quote!

    “Concrete is our skill. Innovation is our passion. Personalized solutions are our specialty”